First founded in 1980, Courir is THE number one sports footwear specialist in France with a market positioning focussed on women's and girl's fashions. Courir's stores sell a range of top-brand products aimed at the 15–25 year old urbanite customer. The company's trainer, ready-to-wear clothing and fashion accessory ranges for men, women and children are designed to meet the needs and requirements of an entire generation.


Through its call to "Share the Sneaker Spirit", Courir reaches out universally to all, sharing its passion for trainers and conveying much more than simply a fashion trend: expressing a genuine spirit and state of mind that transcends the generations. Courir wants to break down the barriers that exist around sneakers and invite and encourage consumers of all kinds to share in the whole world the brand has to offer.


Anti-corruption measures – the action we are taking
Courir is committed to continuously improving its corruption risk detection and prevention measures and to dealing with and taking disciplinary action against all forms of illegal or unacceptable practices.
We also ensure our suppliers are committed to transparent business practices by requiring them to sign an integrity charter as part of an evaluation process we undertake when drawing up each contract.
The Courir Group has introduced a whistleblowing system enabling both direct employees and partner organisations to report breaches of the corporate code of conduct or any form of illegal activity.
If you have something you wish to report or are unsure about a situation that has come to your attention, please inform us by emailing ethics@courir.com


With 283 stores in France and 320 across Europe as a whole, the Courir brand has established itself as the leader in sports fashion footwear, particularly amongst women and young people in the 15 to 25-year-old age group. Amongst its French locations, Courir has 187 dedicated stores and 70 affiliated outlets. Courir is expanding internationally and now has 16 stores in Spain, nine in Belgium and one in Luxembourg, as well as 31 master franchise stores in Northwest Africa, the Middle East and the French overseas territories. The brand has had a presence in Portugal since 2020, having now opened two stores in the country, and is this year planning to open more new stores in each of its countries of operation.


With more than 553K followers on Instagram and 560K on Facebook, the Sneaker Spirit community is continuing to grow every day. Across all countries combined, the Courir community now has more than 1.5 million members in total. Come and share trainer culture with us and find out about all the latest sports footwear fashions on our social media accounts!


Courir takes the issue of equality between women and men in its workforce very seriously, with women accounting for more than 55% of the personnel in the company's teams.
As part of the framework of France's legislation aimed at eliminating the workplace gender pay gap, Courir France achieved a male-female equal pay index rating of 94 points out of 100 for 2023 (some criteria cannot be calculated due to legal criterias) distributed as follows:
o Pay gap indicator: 39/40 ;
o Increment gap indicator: 20/20;
o Promotion gap indicator: 15/15;
o Indicator percentage of female employees receiving a raise in the year following their return from maternity leave: 15/15;
o Indicator number of employees of the under-represented gender in the top 10: 5/10.